Privacy Policy

Article 1: Data protection:

FundBucks considers data protection as a an important priority. The data protection policy explains the types of information that FundBucks collects from users of our website & app, and the actions that FundBucks takes towards these information, and how to access the information available through FundBucks website (app). The data protection policy may change from time to time, so the user should review it periodically.

Article 2: Data Protection:

  • The user grants full consent for FundBucks to store the data the user enters in his profile, and authorizes FundBucks to use this data and make that data available to payment service providers or other affiliate companies. For example such data may include: first name, last name, email address, phone number and permanent residence – with city, zip code and country – the personal identity number, gender, date of birth, nationality, amount of investment, bank account number (IBAN), and banking information (BIC).

  • Privacy policy and cookies policy are an integral part of this agreement.

Article 3: Personal Data Collection and Processing:

The user may be asked for certain necessary data for FundBucks to be able to provide its services, such as:

  • Signing in, and providing FundBucks with information about the user or the entity the user belongs to, such as name, job title, email address and other information, in which case the user will be identified to FundBucks.

  • Request investment or use some of the services available through the platform, and providing additional information such as the name, address and details of the bank with which the user deals with.

  • Request user information when writing comments or participating in surveys (questionnaires).

FundBucks, its subsidiaries and service providers are committed to the confidentiality of information and will not be available to additional third parties in any way, except with the explicit consent of the user.

Article 4: Cookies:

FundBucks uses cookies for the following:

  • To make FundBucks’s site more accessible and to arrange and configure products and services in accordance with the requirements of the company’s interests and needs.

  • To collect anonymous user statistics that allows FundBucks to understand how visitors use the site and help FundBucks improve its operation and content, knowing that the user cannot be personally identified through these information. The user can request the disabling of the characteristics of cookies.

Article 5: Usage and Sharing of Information:

When the user provides FundBucks with information, FundBucks uses this information to provide products and services, sometimes sharing user information with FundBucks’s affiliates, and using it to communicate with the user.

If you visit FundBucks’s website without logging in as a user, FundBucks Capital collects the following information:

  • Server cookies from the client.

  • Domain name (domain) that has been used for Internet access.

  • The name of the user’s ISP.

  • The user’s previous and subsequent websites addresses before/after entering FundBucks’s website.

This information collected is not for the purpose of identifying the individual, but is used for the purpose of stats measuring and improving the attractiveness, content and other functions of the FundBucks site. FundBucks adheres to all data protection regulations. From time to time, FundBucks might request that the data be updated by the client.

Article 6: Data Storage:

FundBucks retains personal data as long as it is necessary to perform the service requested by the user or those authorized by the user.

Article 7: Security:

FundBucks takes all technical and regulatory security measures to protect available information from manipulation and tampering, to protect it from loss, damage or access by unauthorized persons. FundBucks security measures are reviewed constantly to keep up with the latest available technology.

Article 8: Personal Information Requests:

The user has the right to obtain information about all stored personal data relating to the user, to review, and if necessary, edit or request removal.

Article 9: Platform Access:

  • To use FundBucks platform, the user must register their data.

  • The user must comply with the platform’s terms, which might be updated from time to time for the purposes of developing the website.

  • The user agrees to the terms of automated investment and withdrawals according to the relevant cases.

  • All operations are valid in accordance with terms and conditions. Any additional terms presented on the platform are considered complementary.

  • The user must review e-mails and notifications sent from FundBucks for all related transactions to ensure their validity.